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The method gave rise to several publications that give detailed explanations on the algorithms used by the software, and present results of benchmarks. Publications have been accepted in international journals and present the last enhancements of the method.

Boullé, M. (2014)

Chapter "Towards Automatic Feature Construction for Supervised Classification", in "Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases" A book edited by T. Calders, F. Esposito, E. Hüllermeier and R. Meo.

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Boullé, M. (2011)

Data grid models for preparation and modeling in supervised learning. In Hands-On Pattern Recognition: Challenges in Machine Learning, volume 1, I. Guyon, G. Cawley, G. Dror, A. Saffari (eds.), pp. 99-130, Microtome Publishing, 2011.

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Lemaire V, Hue C and Bernier O. (2010)

Chapter "Correlation Analysis in Classifiers", in "Handbook of Research on Data Mining in Public and Private Sectors: Organizational and Government Applications" A book edited by Prof. A. Syväjärvi and Prof. J. Stenvall.

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Boullé, M. (2007)

Compression-based Averaging of selective Naive Bayes Classifiers. Journal of machine Learning Research 8. p. 1659-1685.

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Boullé, M. (2006)

MODL: A Bayes optimal discretization method for continuous attributes, Machine Learning 65(1). p. 131-165

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Boullé, M. (2005)

A Bayes Optimal Approach for Partitioning the Values of Categorical Attributes. Journal of Machine Learning Research 6. p. 1431-1452.

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This package was ranked 1st on several datasets on several international data mining challenges: the Performance Prediction Challenge 2006, the Agnostic Learning vs Prior Knowledge Challenge 2007 , the Causality Workbench Challenge 2008 and the Large Scale Learning Challenge 2008.